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"Wines & Spirits are a deep passion of mine.


The different winemakers' philosophies, the stories that a Scotch Whisky can tell, the specific characterstics of the wine making regions of the world, grape varieties, casks, wine making procedures,...


The interaction with people who share my passion makes this field so interesting and lively. The WSET courses are structured and effective, that is why I believe they are one of the best ways to build a strong wine & spirits knowledge.


You can never learn all there is to learn about wines & spirits, but we can learn so much from one another." 


Nadja Roeloffs

Who we are

Nadja Roeloffs is the owner of the International Wine School. Her background is in hospitality with an apprenticeship as a hotel specialist and studies of International Hotel Management in Hamburg.  She is also the owner of a Wine & Spirits Store on the island of Foehr in Northern Germany:

Weinhaus am Meer


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What we do

We offer education in Wines & Spirits for the hospitality and retail sector, as well as for indiviuals. You can take WSET Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 - in English!








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Where we are

Our offices are on the island of Föhr in Northern Germany. We currently offer courses on Föhr and in Hamburg. Individual courses in other parts of Germany are possible.

We offer WSET courses in English!

This website will give you an overview of our courses and services.

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